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Ted and Angela Soriano are the leaders you have been looking for!

Ted and Angela’s adventure with Youngevity started 16 years ago. They refer to it as an adventure because it has changed their health, wealth and has empowered them to help many people, making many friends all over the country and the world.

Through consistent work and never giving up they have built an team of thousands of wonderful people who they love and appreciate.

The financial and time freedom has allowed Ted and Angela to travel, and enjoy their RV at many awesome destinations all over the US.

They have worked closely with retired professional NBA basketball star Theo Ratliff promoting Rebound FX. They were able to take a 3 month cross country tour in their Rebound bus to the Florida Youngevity convention in Orlando, the Keys, and then up to Atlanta and back across the southern states visiting and training with all of their distributor family, and customers  along the way.

They have a wonderful lifestyle thanks to Youngevity and the vision of Dr. Malan and Dr. Wallach.

Our Vision: To help reverse the negative trends toward poor health, lack, and limitation

Our Mission: To positively impact the health, and wealth of people by educating and helping people to realize their dreams.

Our  Purpose: To inspire you  to live your dream life with a Smart Health and Wealth lifestyle.

Denis Whitley Once Said: “By thinking and acting affirmatively in this minute, you will influence the hour, the day, and in time, your entire life”

Bee Well,

Ted and Angela Soriano              14523037_10153905251143244_9185222151173835021_n